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Terms & conditions

1) General terms and conditions

All the apartments advertised in this web site have been supervised by the team of Rentar Apartments. The apartments are fully equipped with furniture, dishes, electrical appliances, whites and towels. All the apartments have its particular conditions, services and equipment; these are detailed on the website in the file of each apartment. Accepting now these conditions means you are accepting the particular conditions of the apartment that you are going to reserve.

Apartments shall be reserved for a minimum of seven days (ask for fewer stays) and a maximum of six months, after which period, the contract could be renewed.

Administration fees are not included on the rate, every description has in details the administration fees rate, we charge them once. When the guest needs to check in during the week before 9am or after 7pm, or Saturdays, Sundays or holidays an extra fee will be charged as.

The client must deposit 20% of the total price of the reservation to guarantee his stay in one of the apartments offered by Rentar Apartments (after having established all the terms and conditions of the services contracted). Said amount of money is non-refundable.

When the reservation is done you will receive an email with your booking confirmation and all the details of your reservation.

Anyone that wants to make a reservation must have reached the age of majority in his/her country of residence.

2) Price

The rates are expressed in ARGENTINEAN PESOS. Reservation shall be paid in AMERICAN DOLLARS OR ARGENTINEAN PESOS.

3) Check-in

The guest must pay the rest of the rent and the security deposit in cash upon check-in. The contract will be signed and the inventory control with the owner of the apartment shall be carried out.

During the check-in process, the team of Rentar Apartments shall be responsible for providing instructions to client on the operation of all the appliances of the apartment and shall answer all his questions and doubts.

Check-in time shall be from 3 pm to 7 pm (ask for arrivals before or after this period).

4) Security deposit

a) For a stay between three days and two weeks, the deposit amount equals one week stay.
b) For a stay between two weeks and one month, the deposit amount equals two weeks stay.
c) For a stay over one month, the deposit amount equals one month stay.

5) Check-out

The Check-out process shall be carried out by the reception team of Rentar Apartments, the owner will be at the apartment at the check out with your guarantee deposit.

The Check-out process involves inventory control.

If the apartment is in perfect conditions and are no missing items, the security deposit shall be fully refunded. Otherwise, costs for damages will be deducted from the security deposit.

Check-out time shall be from 9 am to 11 am (ask for departures before or after this period).

The rent and the security deposit must be paid only in CASH upon occupancy.

Traveler’s checks, personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.

6) Reservation guarantee

The apartment shall be left in the same conditions of order and hygiene in which it was received. Otherwise, and should it be necessary, the pertinent cleaning expenses will be charged.

The team of Rentar Apartments and the owners reserve the right of admission.

The client must declare names, identity document numbers, nationality and ages of all the people who will occupy the premises. Occupancy exceeding the maximum capacity of guests stated in this site will be grounds for eviction.

The client must comply with the co-ownership regulations of the premises rented. Breach of said regulations will be grounds for eviction.

7) Reservation cancellation

The reservation fee will not be refund for cancellations requested by the customer.

Cancellations must be communicated either in writing, by e-mail or fax.

In the event the apartment booked is not available due to circumstances beyond our control, our company will offer you accommodation with identical characteristics. If we are unable to offer alternative accommodation, the reservation will be cancelled, and a refund of your booking fee will be made.

In case that the client reduces his/her stay booking fee is non-returnable

8) Changes

Rentar Apartments is not responsible for possible changes made by the owner of the apartment to his own apartment.

Rentar Apartments or the owner will not be responsible in case that the common amenities of the building are unavailable during your stay for any given reason.

9) Burglary

Rentar Apartments will not be liable for the possible theft of objects deposited in the apartment.

10) Agreement with term and conditions

The acquisition of our services proves that the client agree and will comply with the general terms and conditions herein stated.