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Frequently asked questions

1What is Rentar Apartments?

We are a company that offers temporary rental of furnished apartments and personalized online assistance (telephone, e-mail, skype) during your stay.

2What is a temporary rental of an apartment?

A temporary rental of an apartment is a type of rental in which the premises are fully equipped and the rental period is between one week and six months.

3What is the maximum and minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is between 3 and 7 nights and the maximum is six months. Ask for fewer stays than the minimum stay established.

4What happens if I want to stay for a period less than the minimum stated?

E-mail us. The minimum stay is subject to availability and the apartment chosen.

5How do I reserve an apartment?

Once you have selected the apartments of your interest, you can click the CONSULT NOW button. You can also go to the CONSULT NOW button from the selected apartment. In all cases you will be asked to fill a form and we will answer you in less than eight hours. The availability updated in the web site is subject to modifications beyond the company's control. After sending the enquiry, one of our assistants will contact you to inform you the steps to be taken until your reservation is settled.

6Should I make a deposit to confirm the reservation?

Yes, in order to confirm your reservation you should pay 20% of the total amount. The deposit is not refundable; you can make the payment by bank transfer, western Union, PayPal, or even in our office in cash (dollars or Argentinean pesos).

The remaining 80% shall be paid upon check-in, when the corresponding lease contract is signed. The payment must be made in CASH WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Your reservation will only be fully effective when we receive the booking deposit and you have received a confirmation of your booking via e-mail.

7How and when should I pay the rest of the rent amount?

The remaining 80% shall be paid upon check-in, when the corresponding lease contract is signed. The payment must be made in CASH WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

8What does the price include?

The price includes all taxes, charges, management expenses and services (light, water, electricity, gas, cleaning once in a week). Additional expenses, if existing, would be indicated in the particular conditions of each apartment. Most of the apartments have cable TV, internet, telephone line and weekly maid service. You can also request extra services which will have an extra cost that will be dully informed.

9Which service should I expect to receive when the maid service is included?

When the maid service is included you should expect to receive a cleaning service at home. The cleaning service is provided by the landlord of the apartment you booked. Usually, maid service is included once a week. In those cases cleaning products are also provided by the landlord. The maid service usually does not include the change of linens and towels except when specified otherwise. If you wish to have the maid service with more frequency, please, request for this additional service on your reservation request and we will contact the landlord to ask for it. Sometimes, when maid service is not included, landlord offers the option to have it upon request.

10Are bed linens and towels provided in the apartment?

All the apartments we offer are provided with towels and bed sheets.

11How is the price of my stay determined?

As regards the apartments that have advertised weekly and monthly rates, the rates shall be calculated as follows:
a) If you reserved a week, you shall pay the price of one week;
b) if you reserved more than a week and less than a month, you shall pay the price of a week divided proportionally by the number of nights reserved;
c) if you reserved more than a month, you shall pay the price of a month divided proportionally by the number of nights you rented the unit.

12Should I pay a security deposit to rent the apartment?

a) For a stay between three days and two weeks, the deposit amount equals one
b) For a stay between two weeks and one month, the deposit amount equals two weeks stay.
c) For a stay over one month, the deposit amount equals one month stay.
The deposit shall be paid upon check-in in cash without exception. The deposit will be refunded upon check-out only if the apartment is in perfect conditions as it was delivered. Otherwise, damages will be deducted from the security deposit.

13How will I get the keys to the apartment?

Guests are received 365 days a year by the staff of Rentar Apartments at the arranged time. The apartment will be available at 3pm in the afternoon. In case that you want to check-in earlier, ask us, the possibility to check in earlier is subject to the availability. For arrivals after 7 pm and before 12 am, there is an additional charge.

Check-out time is between 9 am and 11 am. If you would like to have a late check out, ask for availability and rates. Check-in and check-out on public holydays (Argentina) will have an extra charge. Please inform your check-in and check-out hours to organize a meeting with the owner and the staff of Rentar Apartments in the apartment.

14How can I calculate at what time I will arrive to the apartment?

If you are going to arrive with an international flight, it will take you about two hours to clear customs and arrive from the international airport to Buenos Aires City. You will be received at the apartment two hours after the flight arrival time to the airport. Our representative will be waiting for you 40 minutes additional to the time stated via your e-mail. In case you were delayed more than the agreed time, you must contact us and we will receive you in the apartment at your earliest convenience.

When you confirm the booking, our system will ask you for your arrival flight number. This information is very important because it allows us to check through the internet with the airport if your flight is delayed. If there is a delay, we will be informed and we will be able to calculate a new appointment time at the apartment to welcome you.

15Who should I contact if I have a problem in the apartment?

When you arrive at the apartment we will provide you a list of telephones and contact information to turn to in case of any contingency and to request services.

16In what conditions should I leave the apartment when I check-out?

You shall leave the premises in the same conditions as it was delivered (it is not necessary to wash the last sheets and towels used).

17What happen at the check out?

Upon departure (we arrange an hour); the inventory control will be carried out by the landlord. In case of any damages the breakages will be charged; otherwise, the security deposit will be fully refunded.